Food Technology

From concept to consumer, King Specialty Blends will work with you every step of the way to get your product into the world.

The building blocks of
a successful food

King Specialty Blends will turn your idea into a finished & packaged product whilst assisting in all the required steps along the way. That could include any combination of the below services.

  • Concept and market analysis
  • Graphic Design
  • Pre-printed packaging and labelling
  • Ingredient sourcing
  • Taste profiling and formulation design
  • nutritional panel formualtion
  • Food labelling compliance
  • Blending and packing

A Steady Hand

We’ve got a great deal of experience taking food powders from concept to creation. By working with us you’ll have more than just a production facility – you’ll have an experienced partner onboard.

A Streamlined Service

At King Specialty Blends we understand startups have enough costs to cover without production chewing up potential profits. That’s why we provide a very cost-effective service that’s designed to be startup-friendly.

We’re also happy to blend and pack pre-existing formulations using customer-supplied ingredients and/or packaging.