I founded King Specialty Blends in 2015, after experiencing manufacturing problems trying to deal with established contract blenders. Previous to establishing our manufacturing facility, My parents built a successful powdered chai brand, called King Chai which today is still one of New Zealand’s most well known cafe products. After relocating to Australia, I decided to bring these recipes and values to Australia, but to expand to hot chocolate and more.

The business naturally moved in a different direction to our New Zealand sister company.  We tended to require a lot more smaller blending lines rather than a few large ones, which saw us run into problems finding long term Manufacturing partners. I realized after speaking to a lot of people in the industry, that this was a common problem, with established manufacturers often not wanting to deal with smaller operators, multiple SKUs or startups. From here we had one choice, build our own manufacturing facility, and from it, vow to create the experience we felt was lacking for people looking for manufacturing options.

AT KSB, our values revolve around trying to place the product at the centre of everything we do, with a specific focus on providing an efficient, safe and fast manufacturing option for both large and small clients. 

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